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Date: 13th February 08

Contributed by: GEORGE FORMBY

OK, I will get my chav chain and bling dog tags out (in case they don't know the names of the two riders they just signed on to go down the track in full view of dozens of race officials for the whole duration of the race) but where do I find a bloody passenger???????????


Date: 13th February 08
Headline: where do you get ACU approved string?

Contributed by: Dave

So where do we get ACU APPROVED string from then as we do not want any garroted riders now do we?

Is there a ACU specified breaking strain on said string to be used that the insurance requirements specify?

Gossip comment: The string was a joke.......
I did hear that ceramic bearings for critical applications may be on the hitlist for the future though......

Date: 12th February 08
Headline: UEM licences for UK riders

We've fielded a number of calls from riders who were seeking clarification of the UEM licence requirements for ACU riders.

Basically, you can either take out a full annual UEM licence at a cost of ?65, or one event licences at ?30 per event.

However, if you take out a full annual licence then you are required to pay for the insurance costs for the season up front, currently at ?225. This covers you for all 3 UEM rounds, and any other event should they run under a UEM permit (as Hockenheim did last year).

One event licences require an insurance fee of ?75 per event. Please note that insurance is ONLY required if riders participate abroad, you do not need insurance for the two UK rounds.

Consequently, a rider who only wants to run at the two Santa Pod events should apply for two off one event licenses as this will `only' cost ?60 in total, rather than the ?290 for an annual licence.

If UK riders plan to participate at less than three foreign events they would again be best to buy two off one event licences and two off insurances at a total cost of ?210.

If you have any further questions please email me or submit a Gossip Item.

Date: 12th February 08
Headline: Kaboom!!

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Date: 12th February 08
Headline: Identification disc noose.........

Contributed by: Dave Friend

So what material is approved by the Technical Officer for attachment of the identification disc to the rider then as there is no information on this in the rulebook.

Gossip comment: What would appear to be a totally ridiculous and unecessary exercise for dragracing that brings neither better rider safety nor value to the sport. As usual driven by the bureacrats under the direction of `insurance' requirements.....

Anyhow, I suggest something that does not snap easily (like a chain) so a piece of string would do it.....!!

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