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Date: 08th August 07
Headline: Redneck Express

Contributed by: Dick Boxell

Redneck Express is BACK!!!!

(I am the long haired guy in one of the pics working on the bike)

I blew off work Friday not being sure when the new Redneck Express would arrive. I spent the afternoon getting Nitro fixes from The MCBrides and Dryden/Hogan.

Talking to some other people that said the bike was fired up Friday AM and was being loaded, and was on the way, by way of Atlanta to pick up the body.

Chris and Sharon stopped at a well known place to eat , and it did NOT agree with Chris.

Saturday I am still roaming the pits catching up with some friends, still getting Nitro fixes from the other TFers.

Jim Fox Shows up so I KNOW the bike is close, Saturday around 4 (I think) the Redneck Express rig shows up and we start to unload.

I have only seen an early picture of the bike in mock up stage and had NO idea of what the body work would look like.

Pop the door open and DAMN IT LOOKS GOOD!!!!, We crawl over the bike eye-balling it real good, unload it, then Chris explains what is different on the bike from the other one.

For me, the diver, the under side of the bike is very oil-change friendly. Chris finishes attaching the rest of the body including a bad-ass fairing, and we get the bike ready to fire to check timing, it rolls over and fires right up, Excellent oil pressure, no leaks. Chris sets the timing and and we let it cool, I attempt to mount the rear struts and after a fair amount of time get them hooked up. We nut-N-bolt it to be sure that everything is tight.

By this time its raining so we wait, and wait, Finally about 11:00 we lower the bike and roll it out from under the awning, put it on the stand and FIRE IT UP ON NITRO, by this time there seems to be a LOT of people standing near. It sounds GREAT, dumbass me forgets to duck under the level of the pipes when Chris hits it to seat the clutch, but at this point I dont care, the smell of NITRO from the REDNECK EXPRESS is in the air. A case of perma-grin sets in. We nut-N-bolt it again.

Sunday we roll the bike to the staging area to set and level the wheelie bars, get it set then take it back to the pit, we work on the bike a little then Chris says its time to go.

OK Let me explain something, I dont remember Chris saying anything about a short hop for the first pass, Jim Fox and I kinda assumed he was, and Chris wasnt telling us anything different. We are a man short so Mr Rance does a good job of filling in , That leaves Fox to squirt the injector as Sharon rolls the motor over and me to wipe the tire and place the rear tire where it needs to be.

Now I have wiped the front tire on Nitro Harleys before, but this being my first time to do it for the REDNECK EXPRESS I stand in front of the water box and hear this animal coming towards ME, I am looking at the bike and thinking what was it I was supposed to do? , Oh yeah wipe the front tire, get that done and give Chris a Signal to hit it and he does, its a high "C" smoking burnout, oh man, I have goose bumps now. Jim Fox pushes The Redneck Express back to the starting line as I guide him, then we switch ends of the bike and I go to the front of the bike to mimic to Chris where Jim is wanting him to go for final alignment, The bike gets closer and Chris stops and looks at me then points to the tree, DUMBASS ME IS KNEELING IN THE STAGING BEAMS I finally get the hell out of the way and Chris stages, then all hell breaks loose as the bike goes down track, (remember I am under the impression that this may be a short squirt) the bike goes pass 60 ft, Chris is still in it, the bike goes 330, Chris is still in it, 1/8 mile OK he is going to back it down now NOPE, CHRIS IS GOING TO LEG IT, 6.84 seconds pop up on the board and I almost tackle Jim on the spot, while he is looking for Chris to make the turn off, he does then the place erupts for what I think was the most anticpated pass of the year.

We get back and look at the data, and it verifies that it was running on 3 cylinders for most of the run! One hell of a shakedown pass.

Now talk about PERMA-GRIN!!!!

Gossip comment: Thanks Dick, and it's great to have the team back on track! Just remember to stock up on Pepto Bismol in the future.....

Date: 08th August 07
Headline: For Sale - Mohegan Sun Pro Stock Buell

The is a complete, turn-key, competitive, NHRA-legal Pro Stock motorcycle. Hooks hard, goes straight. Best elapsed time of 6.94 seconds in NHRA competition. The bike features a Kosman chassis, a 160 ci, 60-degree S&S Pro Stock motor (#9) and the latest Kosman carbon-fiber bodywork and airbox. The bike is ready to make a lap down the track.

Extra Parts List:

Spare S&S motor (#12) with the latest crank from S&S.
Starter Cart with new batteries.
1 extra16 inch Kosman rear rim.
2 -15 inch Kosman rear rims.
Set of extra wheelie bars.
Complete extra motor harness with oil tank and pump for quick motor change.
Set of extra cylinder barrels
Various sets of replacement bearings, including main bearings.
Spare crank
8 Sprockets with different sizes.
Specialty tools required to maintain a Pro Stock Buell.
4 S&S “Black Boxes”
Dell Laptop with history of every pass made by the bike. Includes tune-ups.
Spare MSD box
Many other parts, including new springs, throttle cable, coils, brake rotors, spare chain, etc.
Also included is a 2007 Roketa 150cc scooter (we unboxed it in Gainesville).

$118,000 Complete
Will separate

Also available: 2007 28 foot Pace Trailer. Extra high, 8 foot wide. Complete with cabinetry. $15,500.

Jessey Fenton
(775)266-4345 office

Date: 08th August 07
Headline: Team report BILLET RACING, Gardemoen Norway UEM Aug 3-5

Contributed by: Sören Svensson

The weather forecast did look great for this race but unfortunately a bit too cold weather/track made this race real tricky.

Arriving late Thursday night after a week of different updates on the bike after the race at Mantorp Park, we were in the same situation as before last weeks race dealing with a totally new fuel system combination.

On Friday morning we discovered problems with one of the Pointer boxes and fortunately Knut Söderqvist had one spare which he borrowed to us, we would like to take the opportunity to give him a big THANK YOU for this.

Once this was solved it was up to us to adjust the bike for the first run.

First qualifying round on Friday was only a planned half pass but still the bike managed to run 7.419 sec. 202 km/h leaving us in the number 3 qualifying spot.

In the second qualifying round Peter had to shut off the bike in the starting area just before staging because of problems with nitro fumes inside his helmet. When we were back in the pits we discovered that a rear wheel bearing had been broken during the burn out so with this in mind it was a lucky thing that the run was aborted.

Rickard Gustavsson kindly offered us two new bearings (many thanks Rickard) so that we were able to fix this problem.

Third qualifying round on Saturday was planned to be a full pass which resulted in an 6,35 sec. and 305 km/h after getting of the throttle at about 5.1 seconds and we were number one qualifier.

Fourth qualifying run on Saturday ended up in a lost traction for Peter since we added some more fuel to see if the track could take it, but this was not the case.

At the fifth qualifying run late on Saturday it was very cold and we chose not to run this because of expected poor traction, which was shown as the other bikes ran down the track.

Early Sunday morning there was sun but just in time for our first elimination run the clouds were everywhere and the track temperature was going down with it.

In the first run of elimination we met Shaun Branch, results:
Peter Svensson 6.587/306(Winner) - Shaun Branch 8.616/267

Peter had some problem with the cold track and had to go on and off the throttle one time with Shaun running his best ET of the race.

Ian King (fourth in qualifying) made a strong first run against Finn Assebro, results:
Ian King 6.563/320(Winner) - Finn Asserbro 7.671/301

Ian had some problems with the primary belt earlier in the qualifying session but now the problems where all gone.

The semi finals against Ian King was a great race, results:
Peter Svensson 6.306/338 (Winner) - Ian King 6.442/330

Peter had some problems to get the rear tyre sticking to the cold track and getting off the throttle at about 5.5 seconds in the run, still resulting in the quickest run in Top Fuel Bike so far 2007. Ian King ran a strong 6.44 and the spectators where running wild watching two Top Fuel Bikes in a close side by side race.

In the finals we were meeting Lugi Ferretti who had a string of 6.8 passes during the eliminations on the other side of the ladder, so we had to keep our performance to be able to beat him.

Unfortunately there was a big time delay due to a car crash in the left lane so we hade to wait for almost two ours before the final.

Both riders did some strong burn outs, “green light” and our bike lost traction at the starting line, Peter was on and off the throttle but it was too late, Lugi Ferretti was the winner of the race running another strong 6.8 run. Congratulations Lugi, well done!

This was our last planned race for this season but we will be back next year with more to come.

• Number 1 qualifier
• Runner up in our first ¼ mile race since 1998
• Europe’s quickest ¼ mile Top Fuel Bike run so far in 2007 (6,305 sec.)

Best Regards from Peter/Sören Svensson, BILLET RACING

Date: 07th August 07
Headline: UEM Points and records

We've updated our FIM / UEM Championship page with the latest European Championship points and records.

Click on the link at the bottom right of this page or Click HERE

Date: 07th August 07
Headline: UEM Norway Gardermoen report

Our thanks to UEM CHampionship co ordinator Lars Andersson for sending us his post Norway report:-

"I am now back in Sweden after the race in Norway. Gardermoen is a very special place - one of the best tracks in Europe if not the best. Many of the people working there are very good and friendly and I have known several of them for many years. I am also missing some of my old Norwegian friends but that is another story.

Upon arriving on Thursday to do the track inspection the easy part was to inspect the racing area. This is very good, some more guardrails on the right side will make the track even safer. But the hard thing is to inspect according to RR08.8.1 about the facilities that must be in a paddock. The lack of toilets showers and hard surface for all times is the big problem here.

Two more things before the report. Why do people not leave other persons things alone?. On the night between Saturday and Sunday someone took the computers in the secretariat so on Sunday the ladies that were working did not have anything to work on. All entries and all documents regarding the race were gone along with access to internet and mail. This was the sad thing.

One other thing to remember from this race was the ceremonies for Svein Gottenberg and the establishment of a prize in honour of him. This new prize went to the Pels family that have been in drag racing very long and also helped Svein many times.

The next positive thing is that we did manage to finish the race. We could almost have finished it at 16.00 but due to an accident with a car that took some time to fix we did not finish until around 18.30. The track team had to change guardrails on both sides after the impact of the car and this was a big work, but they did it very well.

Now to the racing. In Top Fuel bike things start to be very interesting. Peter Svensson was again the number one qualifier and Rikard Gustavsson managed to be the second. Ian King had big problems but in the last run he managed to be number four qualifier just after Luigi Feretti. In the semi final were the four top qualifiers. First out was Peter Svensson against Ian King and Peter beat Ian in a close race. In the next pair it was Rikard against Luigi and Luigi took that win over Rikard who also had some problems with his bike. So this gives us Peter against Luigi in the final. Peter leaving first but has problems and must shut off giving the victory to Luigi. This was absolutely the best scenario for the championship. Luigi has 139 points, Ian King 137 points and Rikard Gustavsson 134 points. So any one of them can win the championship. And at Santa Pod will we have more fast bikes that can mess up the situation for all 3 riders.

In Super Twin the situation is not the same. Lorenz Stauble has managed to get a strong grip on the trophy. After also here qualifying as number one and winning the race he is in a nice lead before Roel Koedam that had problems this weekend. But it all could have changed, as in the first round Lorenz was up against Per Bengtsson who is working very much on his bike. Per did do some big changes over the night and suddenly did all work in a much better way. Being before Lorenz all the way until 300m then the shut off did do what it should but not at that actual time, stopping Per and giving Lorenz get the win. But the result for Per was exciting so he now might he go to Santa Pod for the finals.

In the second pair was Jaska against Petri. These two Finnish blower bikes are very strong, but it takes some time to understand all things. When the two Finnish guys manage to use all their power they will they be hard to stop. In the third pair was it Gunther Sohn against Ulf “Skutt” Nylen, Skutt is trying to learn how the bike handles. So sometimes look all okay and in the next time do the bike drift to the sides. So it was a win that got Gunther to meet Hans Olav Olstad in the semi-final when he should have raced Roel that who was standing in the paddock with a broken bike. Instead Greger made a try but he could not stop Olstad. Olstad also managed to win over Gunther so this gave us Olstad against Lorentz in the final. In a very tough race they changed places several times whilst struggling to handle the bikes but Lorenz took the win over Olstad.

In Pro Stock Bike Tom Tindahn showed how strong he is. Setting a new record with the time of 7,165 and backing it up - this is very good. Tom did meet Kenneth Vik from Norway who had managed to qualify and in the next round was it time for Anders Larson to meet him. Anders Larsson had taken out Örjan Gustavsson in the first round but despite trying very hard some small adjustments before made him red light so it was Tom in the final.

On the other side was it first Anders Jacobsson against Bishop with a AJ win and in the other pir was it Anders Abrahamsson against Fredrik Fredlund from Åland. But as normal this gives us 3 Anders in the semi. AA against AJ started should be a nice race. AJ going very fast in to stage and AA doing his normal gave the victory to AA that was down on 7,31. In this very tight final was it AA (Abrahamsson) against Tindahn. Anders manages to take the win just over Tom that had a very nice 309 in Top Speed. But this was good for the championship. Tom has a 13 point lead over Larsson and 25 points to Jacobsson and 27 to Abrahamsson. So still could one Anders manage to beat Tom in the finals in England. If we only could fulfill all demands and have a 16 bike ladder it would be very nice - the quality of all Pro Stock Bikes here in Europe would make this a great finals.

We did also had the final round for the Pro Stock Snowmobiles here at Gardermoen, with six snowmobiles turning up it looked very good. Almost directly Urban Eriksson showed that he would be strong setting new records both for Top Speed an ET made him qualifying number one.

He had a solo run in the semi final but since Fredrik Överbring was broken he also had a straight way to the final against the leader after Piteå Jonas Norlander that had taken out Ove Eriksson in the first round and beating the last years champion Christina Blomkvist in the semi.
In the final Jonas was too fast and caught a red light giving the victory to Urban and also the whole victory in this UEM challenge to Urban. A very happy Urban could then start the long way home to the north of Sweden.

This is my short report from Norway and Gardermoen. I do hope that the people at NDRG can find a way to organize a race also next year at the same time. The track is good but the facilities must be updated. The club needs to get some more people working in the lineup area and to find solutions for speeding up cleaning of the track. We also must have a solution for the television. It extremely important that all rounds are on television. It is even worse when we do have very tight racing, setting new records and much of the other exciting things happening and then do we not have television in place to show this. If the sport shall continue to grow strong we cannot accept any more that we do not find solutions before the race so that we do have television.

Best regards,

Lars Andersson

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